Corporate Cage Match

who's getting the job?In “Beach Games” the CFO called and asked if Michael would like to interview for a corporate position. But Michael will not be the only in New York next week as Jim and Karen have also thrown their hats into the ring. It’s every man (and woman) for him/herself as all three have many reasons why they potential will (or won’t) get the job.

Jim Halpert
why he will go: He’s climbing the ladder at a steady pass, the CFO likes him, and if he truly wants to move on and give Karen a real chance moving away from Scranton is probably what he needs to do.
why he won’t go: Oh, I don’t know, maybe because a certain receptionist has finally gotten off her biscuit and confessed she did indeed call off her wedding because of Jim? Also, it’s been done. If we’re wondering “What will the Office be like without Jim in Scranton?” we just need to watch the first 7 episodes of this season (and by the way, we know the answer, and it’s, “not so great”).

Karen Filipelli
why she will go: Karen feels out of place in Scranton, can’t stand Michael, and now knows the woman her boyfriend had/has feelings for returns those feelings. Karen has to want out of Scranton (and I’m not so sure if she cares anymore if Jim comes or not). She is also the most “serious” of the three and we all know she loves a competition.
why she won’t go: She has the least experience of the three; if this job is considered a promotion for Michael, if she gets it it would be quite a jump. Also, it’s a rather predictable and “safe” choice for the “Office” folks to make.

Michael Scott
why he will go: Despite his apparent ineptitude, Michael is a good salesman and has always had a knack for “closing the deal,” it wouldn’t be surprising for Michael to have a great interview. Jim transferring has been done, Karen transferring would be predictable, but I think we’d truly be surprised if Michael Scott transfered. Besides, Michael at corporate is potentially hilarious.
why he won’t go: Honestly, what self-respecting company would promote Michael Scott? I’m thinking it’s protocol for corporate to offer a position like this to all the branch managers in order to appear that they are giving everyone a fair shot. Also, are “The Office” people really willing to have the “star” be away from the main action?

Now that we’ve gone through the reasons, it’s poll time!
Poll: Who’s getting the job at corporate?


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