The Dundies: Episode 2.01

The Dundies“The Dundies”
Season 2 Episode 1
Air Date: September 20, 2005
It’s time for the Dundie awards, and Michael couldn’t be more excited, while his staff braces for the annual humiliation fest. Pam is not sure if she can handle winning the “World’s Longest Engagement” Dundie yet again.

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Episode Summary
“The Dundies are like a car wreck”
Rows of gold businessmen statuettes are lined up on Michael’s desk. Tonight is the annual office awards dinner, a.k.a “the Dundies.” Michael claims it’s everyone’s favorite because many employees don’t often earn awards (‘Whose gonna give Kevin an award? Dunkin Donuts?”). Michael also claims it’s very entertaining, then spins off into a hypothetical story about an employee telling his neighbor he won an award, and the neighbor hangs himself due to lack of recognition.

Jim feigns excitement as he asks her if she’s ready for the Dundies. Pam scoffs and in a talking head explains that the Dundies are like a car-wreck, so awful that you want to look away, but you can’t “because you’re boss is making you.” Back at Pam’s desk, Michael mimics “Fat Albert” and walks up and calls Jim “Fat Halpert .” Michael asks him to show the camera his past awards. Jim claims to keep them hidden, so he doesn’t get too cocky. Dwight jumps in and says he keeps his Dundies in a case by his bed. Michael tells Dwight that’s “TMI ” (too much information) then moves on to Stanley. Stanley frankly states he’s thrown out his awards. Michael barely has time to get upset before Stanley says there needs to be more food this year, and Michael accuses Kevin of eating too much food last year.

Pam is in the conference room, where she’s been asked by Michael to look through past Dundie awards tapes to “find highlights.” On the tape, Dwight plays “Mambo #5” on a recorder while Michael sings, replacing the names in the song with names of the office women. The footage goes dark, and Pam explains Kevin sat in front of the camcorder half the night. She looks towards Jim and mouths “Oh my God!” while making a strangling motion, and Jim looks on, smiling.

Kelly, Phyllis, and Pam are giggling when Dwight walks up asking what’s so funny. Kelly says something was written on the bathroom wall, and Phyllis whispers it’s about Michael. The women giggle again, but Dwight gets upset and accuses them of defacement of company property.

In Michael’s office, he’s on the phone, asking Jan if she’ll “be descending from her corporate throne” to come to the Dundies. Jan declines, citing how long the drive it from New York. Michael wants Jan to come to symbolize that corporate approves, but Jan quickly says corporate doesn’t approve and isn’t paying for the Dundies . Michael kicks the cameras out, and is upset as tells Jan she “dropped an A-Bomb” on him. Jan says he’s suppose to only have one office party a year, but Michael’s already had several, including a luau, a party on May 5th for no reason, and a tsunami fund-raiser that didn’t raise any money. Michael tries to counter that the May party was the 05-05-05 party, and the tsunami party was a “fun-raiser.”

In a talking head, Michael puts a turban on his head to play a character “loosely based on Carnac,” then tells a humorless joke about Dunder-Mifflin’s terrible health care plan. Michael gets frustrated, explaining that it’s funnier if people are drunk, but since Jan cut the funding, he’s going to have a hard time entertaining.

Meredith leaves the women’s room, and Dwight sneaks in to see what is written about Michael on the wall. Phyllis, however, is in the bathroom and chases Dwight out, accusing him of being a pervert.

Pam is back in the conference room watching last year’s Dundies footage. On the tape, Michael presents her the “World’s Longest Engagement award,” which Roy gets up to accept, and then joking tells the crowd “We’ll see you next year.” Pam hangs her head and Jim looks on, concerned. Jim goes to Michael, hoping to talk him out of giving Pam that award. Michael insists it’s the funniest award, but Jim counters doing the same thing every year is “lazy.”

In the main room, Dwight announces he’s taking away the ladies room because no one will fess up to the writing. Michael walks out, and Pam tells him about Dwight’s ridiculous actions. Dwight insists there be repercussions for the writing. Michael yells at everyone to stop, and then tells everyone that even though there’s “rumors” that there’s not going to be any food and the jokes are bad at the Dundies, everyone should bring their family so they can make it the “best Dundies ever.”

“I feel God in this Chili’s tonight”
At Chili’s, the awards are getting underway. Dwight stands behind his electric piano and starts playing “OPP” by Naughty by Nature. Michael jogs out and starts singing, but has trouble keeping up with the song. The employees look on, and in a talking head, Oscar explains that the Dundies are like a kid’s birthday party; the kids (i.e. Michael and Dwight) are having a good time, but there’s not much for the parents (i.e. the employees) to do but watch. Michael sings until the music suddenly stops (from the waitress tripping on the power cord), then starts MCing and tells a dumb joke about drinking and driving.

A waitress brings Kevin a margarita, and he asks to put it on the group tab. Michael breaks the news that the company is not paying for dinner. “You said we could bring our families,” Stanley says. Michael asks why Stanley didn’t, and Stanley points out that he’s holding the hand of his wife, Terri. Michael, who clearly assumed Stanley would be married to an African American woman, is speechless, until Dwight hits a key and a low “Oh yeah” comes out of the speakers. Michael tries to tell a joke about going on a date with a woman from HR, but Dwight points out there are no women in HR, and Michael’s joke falls flat.

At Pam’s table, Darryl suggests they go to Poor Richard, Roy agrees and Pam follows, timidly saying “Sorry” to Michael. Jim watched Pam leave, and Ryan asks if Jim’s staying. “Gotta eat somewhere,” Jim says. Michael presents the “Busiest Beaver” Dundie to Phyllis, but when she comes up to accept the award, she points out the plaque says “Bushiest Beaver.”

Outside Pam and Roy are arguing. Roy insists they leave and grabs Pam’s arm. She twists away and heads back inside. Jim is surprised and happy to see Pam, who sits at his table. She comments she’ll get a ride home from Angela, and with Jim distracted, Pam swipes Jim’s beer. As Jim eyes the drink, Pam mentions she’s just in time for “Ping,” and the cameras pan over to Michael in the middle of a horribly stereotypical depiction of an Asian Man (as a young, Asian woman looks on). Pam, with her hands on Jim’s beer, asks for another drink.

Dwight cues “You Sexy Thing” by Hot Chocolate, and Michael presents the award for “Hottest in the Office” to Ryan. Ryan reluctantly walks up to accept his award, then Michael teases him a bit; waving the Dundie in Ryan’s face, then pulling it back when Ryan reaches for it. In a talking head, Ryan is asked what he’ll do with the award, Ryan is flabbergasted, and answers what that that is the least of his concerns right now.

Michael’s next award is the “Tight Ass” Dundie, which he presents to Angela for her strict personality, and also because she has a “great caboose.” Michael asks her to come down to get the award, and Angela firmly says no. At Jim’s table, Pam is giggling as she finished off her 2nd margarita. Jim comments they’re empty as she sucks airs through the straw, but Pam says the ice melts and “then it’s like second drink!.” Jim laughs at the intoxicated Pam, and Michael presents the “Spicy Curry”Dundie to Kelly. Kelly starts questioning what “Spice Curry” is, and why the award is a bowler. Michael is flustered and asks Kelly to sit down.

In the back of the restaurant, Michael talks about how he’s having a hard time entertaining because Dwight is “sucking the funny out of the room.” Dwight starts playing “Tiny Dancer” and as Michael sings his own lyrics, some college-aged guys at the bar start making fun. Michael tries to talk to them, but they continue to tease Michael and then start throwing food at him. Michael is upset, and tells Dwight to cut the music. The employees stare on quietly as Michael says he’s going to wrap up the awards, and presents Kevin the “Don’t go in there after me” Dundie for a time Michael went into the bathroom after Kevin. Pam (who by this time is more than tipsy) starts clapping and congratulating Kevin. The other employees join in, then Pam starts insisting Michael continue the Dundies. Michael is encouraged and decides to finish presenting the awards.

Michael awards Stanley the “Fine Work” Dundie. Stanley flatly comments that last year he got the “Great Work” Dundie (to which Pam giggles wildly) but is happy he didn’t get the “Smelliest Bowel Movement” like Kevin did. Michael picks up the final award, saying it’s for Pam, and comments that they all know what award she’s getting. Pam and Jim look on nervously, then Michael reveals it’s the “Whitest Sneakers” award. Pam is elated as she accepts her award. She thanks her Keds, then thanks Michael and Dwight for all their work. Finally she thanks God, “because God gave me this Dundie , and I feel God in this Chili’s tonight.” She whoops into the mic, and hugs Michael. Jim stands to help her to her seat, but instead Pam runs up and hugs him, then kisses him. Jim sits down, his face full of emotion.

Later Jim is sitting next to Pam at the bar. Jim tells the cameras the Dundies were fun because of the impressions, the singing, and getting to learn about Michael’s “feelings” for Ryan. The drunken Pam nods too much as she tries to listen. Jim notices Pam staring at him and playfully asks Pam “What?” Pam giggles, then falls off her stool. Jim just laughs, but Dwight notices Pam fell and runs over, thinking she’s had a seizure. He struggles to take off his shirt so he can cushion her head, and a manager walks over to tell Dwight to put his clothes back on.

Backstage, Michael asks himself if the Dundies were a success. Michael says he made Pam laugh so hard, she fell and almost broke her neck, so he literally “killed, well nearly.” Outside, Pam runs to the camera, shouting this was the Best Dundies ever. The Chili’s manager explains that the restaurant does not over-serve alcohol, and because Pam was sneaking other people’s drinks, he banned her permanently from the chain.

Michael is walking to his car, with Dwight and Ryan behind, carrying props. Michael told Dwight he did a good job on the music, and Dwight proudly smiles. Elsewhere, on a bench, Pam confesses to Jim she was the only who wrote on the bathroom wall, and that she feels bad. “No you don’t,” Jim says with a smile, and Pam laughs. Angela drives up, and Jim walks her over to car. Pam stops and asks Jim if she could “ask him a question.” Jim smiles and tells Pam to go ahead. He stares at her intently, and between his stare and the cameras, Pam seems overwhelmed and simply thanks Jim. Jim chuckles as he points out that wasn’t a question, but drops it and walks Pam to the passenger door. Jim smiles he watches Angela and Pam drive away, then quickly glances at the camera before walking to his car.


  • The gold statuette that Michael is straightening out in the credits is a “Dundie”
  • There actually isn’t a Chili’s restaurant in Scranton. The closest Chili’s is located in Wilkes-Barre, a half hour drive from downtown Scranton.
  • The Dundie Awards were first mentioned in “The Alliance
  • The extras in the episode were real Chili’s employees.
  • Jenna Fischer is not a big drinker, so BJ Novak took her out drinking one night for “research.” She was not drunk during filming.
  • The script originally called for Pam to vomit, but Chili’s didn’t approve, claiming they have a strict policy to not over serve alcohol. As a compromise, the script was rewritten so Pam simply fell off a stool after sneaking other people’s drinks.
  • The 2005 Dundie Award and Recipients are:
    Phyllis – Busiest Beaver Award (not Bushiest)
    Ryan – Hottest in the Office Award
    Angela – Tight Ass Award
    Kelly – Spicy Curry Award
    Kevin – Don’t Go In There After Me Award
    Stanley – Fine Work Award
    Pam – Whitest Sneakers Award
  • This is the first reference to Kevin’s unfortunate ability to stink up the bathroom. In “Office Olympics” Jim finds a scented candle in the bathroom, then in “The Fight” we see Kevin coming out of the the stall with said candle.
  • John Mayer let the show use “Your Body is a Wonderland” in Season 3 on one condition; he be awarded a Dundie. The show makers obliged and awarded him the “Tallest Music Dude” Dundie.

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