Karen’s “Epiphery”?

I loved tonight’s episode, “Women’s Appreciation.” There’s talk that The Office might be extended to an hour long show next season, but if we can’t have an hour, can we just have “Super-Sized” episodes? For some reason 26 minutes is just about perfect, in my opinion.

Anyways! I think the scene we’re all going to be talking about (well, other than Michael’s finger, and the bathroom, and a bunch of other scenes) is the food court scene with Michael and the office women. There was so much double-meaning in what Michael, Pam and Karen were saying, it was hard to keep up! Still, I think we saw an interesting development. Jim seems as content as ever with Karen, but Karen was doing a lot of thinking during the food court scene, and it wasn’t just about Jan and Michael.

Karen's starting to doubt

I’ll admit that all along I’ve been thinking Pam will say something to Jim, and Jim will drop Karen like a hot potato, but now I’m wondering if Karen will be the one to end things with Jim. I’m curious what other people think, so I made a poll:
JAREN: Who’s dumping Whom?


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