Fanart Wednesdays: “Jim thinks they’re good”

Hey, everyone, it’s the inaugural Fanart Wednesdays post . . . and it’s Thursday. It’s all good though. The Office has some amazingly talented fans, and the wannabe illustrator in me loves the fan-art. So I’ve decided to make Wednesday’s the day to showcase the “Pamcassos” in all of us.

  • First off, over at, a reader named Ken has created and awesome story board of a cold opener called “Home Land Security.” Nice illustrations, and Dwight’s dialog is impeccable.
    Read the post, or go directly to the pdf file.
  • A new user at the LJ Office community named Robot_Rabbit has posted some Pam fan-art from the Season 3 promo pics. She says she going to do the rest of the cast as well, so stay tuned.
    Pam by Robot Rabbit
    Go to the post to see a larger picture.

Have you created, or know someone whose created some Office Fanart? Nominated them (or yourself) by posting a comment or sending an email to Come back next Wednesday (and it will be on Wednesday this time) for the next Fanart installment.


2 thoughts on “Fanart Wednesdays: “Jim thinks they’re good”

  1. Hi i love these fan arts, i am looking to get like a banner with something like this from the office. I have thos profile and my name is pampong on it and i am a huge office fan!! If anyone is willing and nice enough to help me out and make me something.. i would be so grateful!!

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