Product Recall’s Incomplete Storyline?

If you go to the NBC Office website and click on the photo section, then on “Product Recall” this is the first picture that come up:

Jim talking to a high schooler

Now wait a minute, when did this happen in the episode? If you continue through the gallery, you see several more scenes that apparently didn’t make it to air.

Here it looks like Andy’s confronting his high school girlfriend in class.
Andy in Product Recall
Andy in Product Recall

Then he follows her outside.
Andy looking for girlfriend
Andy looks for girlfriend
Andy talks to girlfriend

Uh-oh, this looks like pre-anger management Andy.
Andy mad

Then Jim looked concerned (and, despite the wig, very cute) in a talking head.
Jim TH

So what gives? It looks like half of Andy’s storyline was cut, but there’s no deleted scene (yet) from their trip to the high school, why even post the pictures, NBC? I personally felt the high school part of the episode was pretty fragmented and incomplete. Maybe it’s just time to make this an hour-long show.


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