The Office Women are Beautiful

Jim’s going to have to eventually chose between Pam and Karen, and People just made the decision harder by including both his leading ladies in this year’s “Most Beautiful” issue.

Pam may suffer from dull lighting, a frumpy wardrobe, and minimal makeup and hair styling, but that hasn’t stopped Jenna Fischer from being one of the “Most Beautiful” for the second year in a row. People’s website has a “behind the scenes” video about Jenna and her photo shot. No matter how many interviews I see or read about her, I’m always pleasantly surprised by how sweet and “non-Hollywood” she is. Jenna’s Photo Shoot

People seems to be remaining neutral in the great “Pam or Karen” debate by also including Rashida Jones on this year’s list. She flaunts her fantastic genes in the “Stars Without Makeup” feature. See her picture and hear her answer when she feels the most beautiful here.

You may not know Rashida was also featured as one of People’s Most Beautiful waaay back in 2002 when she starred on FOX’s “Boston Public.” I happened to have the issue and scanned in her picture, check it out (in the 1st picture I’m pretty sure she’s the 3rd one down on the left of the section cover).


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