Office Mysteries: Jim learns Pam’s single

In this series, Flonkerton investigates some of the unanswered questions from “The Office.”

jimlearns.jpgQuestion: Was Michael’s phone call in “The Convention” the first Jim heard of Pam’s broken engagement?
status: unsolved

In “The Convention” Jim sees his old boss, Michael, for the first time since his transfer to Stamford. Jim tries to act cool when Michael gets a call from Pam, but when Michael tells Pam “Have fun on your date,” Jim reacts with this heartbreaking look. So was this the moment Jim learned Pam didn’t get married, or was he reacting more to the fact that she was dating again?

The Theories
Theory 1: This is the first Jim heard of Pam’s canceled wedding.
supporting evidence:
1. He and Pam have not had contact since Casino night. Though they are obviously on each other’s minds, it’s clear that the accidental phone call in “Initiation” (3 episodes after Convention) was the first time Jim and Pam had talked since May.
2. Jim has had minimal contact with anyone from the Scranton branch. Friendly as Jim is, the only person at Dunder-Mifflin Scranton he was close to was Pam. He wasn’t good enough “friends” with anyone else in the office to keep in touch with them.
3. Jim was doing his best to forget Pam and move on. With one call to someone at the Scranton branch, or even a little internet digging, Jim could have easily found out for himself how the wedding went (and subsequently learned it was canceled). However, he was trying to start over in Stamford, and part of that was to push Pam to the back of his head as much as he can. He may have been tempted, but I don’t think he ever allowed himself to “check up” on Pam.
4. The Look. Jim had been aware of the cameras all episode, but it didn’t stop him from looking absolutely shocked when Michael said “Have fun on your date.” He stared at Michael on the phone for several seconds, then his eyes darted around as he tried to cover up his shock (though he can’t quite hide the hurt look on his face).

Theory 2: Jim already knew Pam wasn’t married, and was reacting to the news that she was dating.
supporting evidence:
1. Jim has had some contact with the Scranton branch. Being in Stamford didn’t stop Jim from pulling a couple long distance pranks on Dwight. Also, Michael freely calls him in “Gay Witch Hunt” and in “Initiation,” Kevin and Jim are involved in some kind of Fantasy Football league together. Nearly everyone in the office knew of Jim’s crush on Pam, one would think someone would have at least sent an email to him.
2. Later at Michael’s “party,” when Michael said Pam’s single, Jim uttered, “I heard something about that.” This could indicate he knew Pam didn’t go through with the wedding, but didn’t know the whole story, like if Pam only postponed it, but was still with Roy (of course, he could just as easily be referring to the phone call from earlier).
3. Jim has never been able to handle hearing about Pam being romantic with anyone else. He was crestfallen when he heard Pam’s suggestive comments to Roy in “Basketball.” He was a little jealous of Dwight when Pam and Dwight were friendly to each other in “The Injury.” Even months after this episode in “Ben Franklin” the mere mentioning of Pam dating someone else rouses jealously and hurt in him (not to mention he made a similar face in “Ben Franklin”).

Thoughts? More evidence? Another theory altogether? Please comment!


4 thoughts on “Office Mysteries: Jim learns Pam’s single

  1. I think he heard that the wedding was off. We know that he talked to Kevin ocassionally. My bet is that he was hoping Pam would contact HIM and that’s why he was so crestfallen when he heard she was going on a date. I tried to remember how hurt he was when he started acting like a major jerk when he came back to Scranton.

  2. That’s a really good point, betsybetsy. At least on Casino Night Jim could tell himself Pam wasn’t rejecting him, it was the timing and Pam’s commitment to Roy. Hearing she’s dating and hasn’t even attempting to contact him was the real “rejection” and broke his heart all over again.

  3. I believe Theory 2, and I think one more argument would be: if until that phone call Jim thought Pam was still with Roy and all he heard was Michael saying “Have fun on your date,” there’s a good chance Jim would just assume it was a “date” with Roy. I know Roy wasn’t that romantic a guy, but it’s not uncommon for a husband and wife to go out to dinner and call it a date. Him thinking she was married and instantly jumping to the correct conclusion that she was single and dating new people based on that one little comment from Michael would be kind of a stretch, IMO.

  4. I agree with Theory 2. Since Michael called Jim for advice on Oscan being gay, and is in a fantasy football pool with Kevin, I’m sure the news got to him about Pam cancelling the wedding. Kevin has always shown an interest in their love saga, and we all know Michael can’t keep a secret. It’s safe to say Michael told Jim immediately that the wedding was off!

    I agree the the phone call Pam received from Jim was the first time they’ve talked… since he called after 5pm hoping to miss her. And didn’t know what to do when she answered.

    So, I think he was reacting to the fact that she was going on a date. He told Michael in “The Convention” that he had laid it on the line and Pam rejected him… twice (both in the Casino Night I’m assuming). So I think it’s safe to say Jim was done trying to win her over and would have spent the month after his transfer trying to forget her, then after hearing she didn’t get married from either Kevin or Michael, he would have spent the next few months leading up to the convention waiting for her to contact him. And this would explain his shock to hear that she’s moved on to dating other men instead of calling him.

    What I want to know is WHY didn’t she call him!!!!!!! She tells us in “Beach Games” that she called off her wedding for him. Even though she knew how badly she hurt him, it would have been worth trying to talk to him since she finally realized she had the same kind of feelings for him. Maybe she figured it was too late since he’d already moved away??? Any thoughts?

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