Phyllis’ Wedding: Episode 3.16

Phyllis’ Wedding“Phyllis’ Wedding”
Season 3 Episode 16
Air Date: February 8, 2007
In order to finagle an extra long honeymoon, Phyllis puts Michael in her wedding, a duty he takes too seriously. Pam discovers Phyllis “borrowed” many ideas from her own canceled wedding, and Jim tips Dwight off to the possibility of wedding crashers. More extensive summary to come

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Episode Summary
Brief summary, a more extensive summary is coming soon.
The episode starts with Jim performing a Pavlovian experiment with Dwight, making him want and Altoid when he hears the chime of a computer starting up.

Phyllis has put Michael in her wedding so she can get an extra long honeymoon. His single duty is to push her wheelchair-bound father down the aisle. So of course, Michael thinks he should be in the wedding photographs and in the dressing room. Phyllis’ father stands up and walks Phyllis down the aisle on his own, and Michael has a fit. Later, Michael insists on giving a toast to the new couple, but Bob kicks him out when he gets inappropriate. He spends the rest of the night outside the reception hall.

Jim alerts Dwight that many of the guests could be wedding crashers. Dwight takes it upon himself to guard the door and to kick out people like Michael and Uncle Al (who has dementia). Though towards the end of the night he steals a dance with his possum, Angela.

Pam notices right away that Phyllis used the same invitation design as she did. Then she notices that’s not the only thing Phyllis lifted: the flower arrangements, the band, the food, even the dress! After brief chats with Kelly and Roy, an increasingly depressed Pam talks to Jim, who inquires about when Pam is going to dance for everyone. Jim ponders the possibility of Pam being interested in him before stopping himself and saying with a chuckle that “it’s totally hypothetical.”

Later, Pam is watching Jim and Karen dance and Jim notices. She looks away and leaves the dance hall as Jim watches her. Later, Roy approaches her and she notices the band has departed from their Police/Sting catalog and is playing Jewel’s “You were meant for me.” Roy tells Pam he paid the band to play “their song” then asks Pam to dance. Pam accepts, and as they dance cheek to cheek, Roy suggests they leave. Jim is at the bar when he sees Pam and Roy leaving, hand in hand. He quickly tells the camera he’s “non-hypothetically” happy with Karen.


  • Michael Misquote: Michael attributed Marie Antoinette’s infamous (and likely made up) “Let them eat cake” quote to Margaret Thatcher.
  • The toaster Stanley brought as a gift is likely the toaster he bought for Pam and Roy’s canceled wedding (mentioned in Gay Witch Hunt).
  • Though he appears to be missing yet again, Oscar can be seen briefly during Michael’s toast.
  • Kevin has a Police cover band from Scranton, and The Police had an album entitled Synchronicity, thus Scrantonicity.
  • Songs performed by Scrantonicity:
    “Roxanne”, “Message in a Bottle”, “Every Breath You Take”, “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” by The Police
    “Fields of Gold” by Sting
    “You Were Meant for Me” by Jewel

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