Top 10 Characters

IGN has posted a list of the Top 10 Office Characters. Here it is, along with IGNs reasoning for each choice.

10. Toby
“While Toby often is used as a foil or straight man for Michael, he’s perfect in this regard, with his sad sack, weary, but levelheaded demeanor striking a nice balance with Michael’s frantic, overly emotional tactics.”

9. Stanley
“…we love Stanley simply because he doesn’t hide his contempt for the craziness of the office or of Michael himself.”

8. Andy
“…it is hilarious to watch as Andy unknowingly thinks that he is climbing the corporate ladder while he is actually losing favor with his co-workers and higher-ups”

7. Angela
“But it’s her secret love affair with Dwight that’s really made us love her, as these two rather off-putting people have somehow formed a relationship we’re fully in support of.”

6. Karen
“Karen is the sexy and cool girl most guys dream of dating. She’s good looking, has a clever and sometimes dark sense of humor, and hell, she loves to play Call of Duty 2!”

5. Creed
“Every time he opens his mouth some hilarious comment comes out, and every time he’s shown doing something it’s bound to be nefarious or underhanded, with no one but the cameras noticing.”

4. Pam
“…not even being the butt of Michael’s unfunny jokes can take away her kindness. Because of this congenial attitude she is the one character that everybody in the office feels close to…especially Jim.”

3. Jim
“The reason we enjoy watching Jim so much isn’t just because he’s arguably the most normal guy in the office — he also has a sense of fun that makes the entire office more entertaining to watch.”

2. Dwight
“And while his family life and hobbies are incredibly funny, it is his work relationships that make Dwight so likable. . . [he] holds his boss up on a pedestal which is so completely undeserved that we can’t help but laugh every time that these two buffoons work together”

1. Michael
“Michael is the kind of boss who . . . believes he’s the funniest guy in the room, therefore deserving to always be the center of attention. But the thing that makes us love Michael Scott is how he’s ultimately vulnerable, lonely, and completely unaware of his own flaws.”

It’s a pretty good list, though I think a certain heavy-set accountant is glaringly absent. Also not so sure about #6, but I don’t want to start anything.
So what do you think? Votes in the Polls:


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