FanVid Spotlight: DementedRiku

After creating a few fan-videos of my own, I know how much time and energy can go into make one of these 3 minutes vids that ultimately becomes a slightly fuzzy 425×350 pixel web video.

Today Flonkerton is featuring the videos of DementedRiku
Only 18 according to her Youtube profile (ack, you youngins, stop being so accomplished) DR has created about a dozen of the most entertaining Office fanvids out there. Even Greg Daniels himself has said he enjoys her videos, that’s big time right there.

Some of my favorite DementedRiku Videos
Jim and Pam “Mixed Tape” music by Jack’s Mannequin
Jim and Pam “Bullet” music by Mat Kearney
Dwight “Invincible” music by OK Go
The Office – You’re So Damn Hot music by OK Go
The Office – Seasons of Love music from RENT
The Office – A Tribute to Jim Halpert music by Lucky Boys Confusion

It’s hard to pick favs because they’re all great. See all of DementedRiku’s videos


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