Hot Girl: Episode 1.06

106hotgirl.jpg“Hot Girl”
Season 1 Episode 6
Air Date: April 26, 2005
When an attractive purse saleswoman comes to Dunder-Mifflin, the office men vie for her attention, and Pam finds herself jealous.

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Episode Summary
“Women are Attracted to Power”
The episode starts off with Michael apparently goofing off. Jan is on speaker phone, telling him there’s a new sales incentive program, and the top salesman of the month will be rewarded with a gift worth $1000. Michael inquires if “former salesmen” can win, and Jan quickly tells him that his is ineligible to win this prize.

Michael and Dwight are discussing what prize would motivate the salesmen (Dwight says “sex,” Michael quickly says that’s illegal) when Pam tells Micheal a hand-bag saleswoman is there. Michael firmly says “No vendors,” but looks though his window to see the vendor is slender and attractive, and decided to go to talk to her.

Michael introduces himself to Katy, the purse saleswoman, and makes a comment that she’s like the “new and improved Pam” as Pam stands right there. Michael tells Katy she can use the conference room for the day. He leads Katy there, asking repeatedly if he can do anything for her (as Dwight stalks around the door). Katy requests some coffee. Michael warns Katy their coffee is not so great, and goes off into a strange speech about how he’s his own man and goes to the beat of a different drum. Katy looks on uncomfortably until Michael finally leaves to get her coffee.

Michael comes back with coffee and offers to show Katy around the office. He takes her to the kitchen and tells her how successful the branch and he is. Pam tells the camera, with a smile, that it’s nice to have “another person for Michael to interact with” around. Michael takes Katy to the back room and introduces her to Toby. Toby notices her class ring is from the same high school he went to. Michael quickly interrupts Toby and Katy’s conversation by saying Toby’s divorced. Michael tells the camera that while he has a rule against office romances, but he also lives by another rule, “Just do it.”

Pam is looking at a small handbag, and Katy suggests that’s good for a “hot date.” Pam laughs and comments that she’s engaged. Michael walks in at Katy and Pam stop laughing. He asks Katy how her coffee was, and gently asks Pam to leave by pointing out she’s not on break. Michael shows Katy an espresso machine he just bought for the “top salesmen” prize. As he talks about the features, Katy gets a text message that her ride has bailed on her. Michael quickly offers to give her a ride home. She initially declines, but after Michael persists, she accepts.

Michael asks Ryan to come help him on a “project,” which means helping Michael throw away fast food wrappers and plastic bottles out of his car. Michael catches Ryan throwing a cheap cologne bottle into the trash. Ryan comments it’s empty, but Michael tells him it’s a there’s still some cologne in the straw. Ryan continues to fill his trash bag, asking Michael how he can eat so many Fillet-of-Fishes. In a talking head, Michael talks about how women love him, possibly because women are attract to power, and also because he’s been told he has a “symmetrical face.”

At the end of the day, several employees are walking through the parking lot. Katy says good night, commenting it was “nice to meet some of you.” She walks between Michael and Jim, and Michael asks where Jim’s going. Michael is confused when Jim motions to Katy that they’re going to get a drink, and Katy tells Michael Jim offered her a ride, so Michael’s “off the hook.” Michael tries to act casual as he walks to his car alone. In his final talking head, Michael tells the camera he has several “special someones”; his employees. If he had to chose between them and a one night stand, he’d pick his employees every time, because it’s “an everyday stand. And I still know their names in the morning.”

“Shrutes produce very thirsty babies”
Dwight and Kevin are watching Katy through the conference room window. Dwight tells the camera Katy is what he looks for in a woman: nice skin, teeth, hair, and breasts. Not that Dwight cares about breasts, but “the Shrutes produce very thirsty babies.”

Later, Jim is encouraging Dwight to go talk to Katy. Dwight is unsure because Michael seems to like her, but Jim quickly comments that Michael is not Dwight’s “relationship boss.” He coaches Dwight, telling him to “keep talking” and if Dwight hits a snag, he can buy a purse. Dwight says “purses are for girls” but Jim tell him according to GQ they can be used by men as “mini-briefcases.” As Dwight heads into the conference room, Jim runs over to Pam’s desk, hangs her phone receiver, and turns her chair in the direction of the conference room. Dwight approaches Katy, and Jim starts talking as Dwight in a funny voice. Pam laughs, then starts talking as Katy as Dwight steps into a purse strap. Pam and Jim can barely hold it together as Jim continues to talk as Dwight. Dwight comes out of the conference room after just buying a purse, giving an unsure thumbs up to Jim. Jim and Pam respond with thumbs-ups and smiles, then Pam laughs as she tells Jim he’s “horrible.”

Dwight is showing Michael something on his computer when he asks Michael’s permission to ask out Katy. Michael “grants” permission, but quickly informs Dwight that he is already giving her a ride home and hints that it might end up being more than that. Later, Dwight nervously watches Katy showing purses to Angela, then walks into the conference room and asks Katy out. Katy quickly declines, and Dwight leaves the conference room, defeated.

“So, what is your type?”
Kevin wanders behind Pam’s desk and asks her if she’s jealous of Katy, to which she says no. “But she’s prettier than you,” he adds. Pam seems taken a bit aback by that comment, then tells Kevin it was rude.

Roy, Pam, Jim and Kevin are eating in the kitchen when Roy says Jim should go for Katy. Jim agrees that she’s cute, but not really his “type.” Kevin asks Jim what his type is, and he looks over at Pam briefly before sarcastically answering “moms” are his type. Roy acts disgusted with the answer, and Kevin tells Jim to stay away from his mom. All eyes are on Katy as she walks through the kitchen. Once she’s out of earshot, Roy says he’d go for Katy himself if he wasn’t dating Pam. “We’re not dating, we’re engaged,” Pam says in a frustrated tone. Roy looks at her, not understanding why his comment was hurtful, and Pam gets up, leaving Roy and Jim sit in awkward silence. Jim tells the camera that he and Pam are friends and he helps her deal with her problems, like work and Roy. “And . . . nope, those are pretty much her only two problems,” he says with a slight laugh.

Pam delivers Michael’s mail and he asks her how a woman her age feels about futons. Pam glances at the camera and in the next scene she’s already sitting on Jim’s desk joking about Michael’s futon. Pam falls silent and Jim gets back to work when they see Roy. Roy asks if Pam’s still mad at him, and before she says anything, he starts to tickle her. Jim glances uncomfortable at the camera before getting out of his chair and walking across the office. In a talking head, Pam talks about how Jim is like a brother to her, and she hopes he finds someone.

At his desk, Jim swivels in his chair, nervously looking around, before going into the conference room. He introduces himself to Katy and flirtatiously asks her to teach him about purses, making Katy laugh. Later, Pam is at Jim’s desk, inquiring about his weekend plans. He tells her he might see Katy, go on a date, get “matching tattoos.” Things seem slightly awkward as Pam tells Jim her less-exciting weekend plans, and then she walks back to her desk, looking unsure. At her desk, Pam is putting on some lip gloss when she catches the camera watching her. She puts the gloss away and covers her lips with her hand.

In the parking lot, Jim puts Katy’s bag in his trunk, and joking tells Katy not to freak out over his really nice Corolla. Behind Katy and Jim, Roy backs his truck out of the parking spot. Pam spots Jim and Katy by her window, and watches them as Roy drives off.


  • This is the first time we see the back room of Dunder-Mifflin where Kelly and Toby work.
  • It’s revealed Toby from the local Bishop O’Hara High School in 1989. Assuming he was 18 when he graduated, this indicates Toby was born in late 1970 or early 1971.
  • It is also revealed Toby is divorced and has a daughter.

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