Office Mysteries: Who are these people?

In this series, Flonkerton investigates some of the unanswered questions from “The Office.”

who are these people?Question: Who are these apparent Dunder-Mifflin Scranton employees?
status: partially solved

“The Office” has a fantastic ensemble cast and even more minor characters have great character development. However, once in a while a name-less employee roams the Dunder-Mifflin office for an episode or two, then is never seen again. Flonkerton attempts crack the case of the these mystery employees. Update: possibly more info on suspect #7

(fyi: click on the picture to enlarge them)
Suspects #1-4
Where you saw them: In The Pilot, there are 3 unidentified women and 1 man in the conference room scene. The woman with the blue sweater and glasses is also briefly in “Hot Girl.”
Who are they, why are they there: Like most pilots, The Office pilot was filmed months before the other Season 1 episodes, which explains the different look and feel it has. Also, the Pilot was adapted from the 1st episode UK Office, which only had a few named employees and several background character whose names are never revealed through the course of the series.
According to the DVD commentary, the women in the blue sweaters are accountants who worked on production. IMDb has an uncredited character named Madsen listed for the episode, which may be the man next to Pam. As for the woman in the beige sweater, who knows?

Suspect #5
Where you saw her: She is seen the the background of “The Alliance” during Meredith’s surprise party (see picture). There’s also a quick shot of her in “Hot Girl”.
Who is she, why is she there: The woman is apparently an extra, and no info seems to be available about her character.

Suspect #6
Where you saw him: He can be seen in the background of most of the Season 1 episodes and a couple Season 2 episodes, sitting across from Creed.
Who is he, why is he there: In “The Dundies” we finally learn this character’s name is Devon, and in “Halloween” Michael, under pressure from corporate, fires him. In the “Valentine’s Day” deleted scenes, Michael actually runs into Devon in New York City.

Suspect #7
Where you saw her: She is seen in the background of the Closing Ceremonies in “Office Olympics,” and leaving for the day right before Jim does in “The Fight.” Also, it’s hard to tell, but I believe the same woman also appears in Drug Testing and Grief Counseling.
Who is she, why is she there: Probably just an extra, nothing is revealed about this character. New possible info: In “The Fire” (the episode after “Office Olympics” when we first see this mystery woman), Michael makes reference to an employee named Marjorie. Is this woman possibly Majorie?

Suspect #8
Where you saw him: He is visible a conference room scene and in the “chair” scene in “The Merger”
Who is he, why is he there: In this scene, Michael makes all the new Stamford employees sit on chairs on a table. The fact that this character is up against the wall with the Stamford employees indicates he is also a new transfer, however he is not sitting on the table with rest of the Stamford people. Perhaps he was a “temp” who left before the next episode? We simply don’t know.


One thought on “Office Mysteries: Who are these people?

  1. Possibly there is another sighting of Suspect #7 on the deleted scenes of “The Coup”, 3rd season. Dwight leaves the conference room to look for Angela. As he leaves the kitchen to head for the break room, there is a woman sitting there. Who is she? And also, why doesn’t Michael require her to attend the movie?

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