Basketball: Episode 1.05

Season 1 Episode 5
Air Date: April 19, 2005
After discovering the warehouse has a basketball hoop, Michael initiate a basketball game between the office and warehouse staffs. Rivalry escalates when it’s decided the losing team will have to come in on Saturday.

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Episode Summary
Office vs. Warehouse
Michael walks into the office with a gym bag and asks the men if they’re “ready,” and Jim, Ryan and Dwight pull gym bags out from under their desks. Michael tells the camera at lunch the office will be playing a game of basketball with the warehouse workers. Dwight comes into Michael’s office and begs Michael to let him join the team. Michael says no, citing a time Dwight embarrassed him at a picnic in front of Todd Packer. Michael offers to let Dwight handle the new weekend and holiday schedule (because “The hand strikes and gives a flower” but mostly because Michael doesn’t want to deal with the sure to be unpopular scheduling).

Dwight is sitting at his desk with a white board, and instantly schedules Jim for that weekend. Jim comment that the smallest amount of power instantly goes to Dwight’s head. In a talking head, Pam says she and Roy have plans that weekend and really hopes she doesn’t get scheduled. She jokingly says maybe the solution is to sleep with Dwight.

Michael takes Ryan down to the warehouse to met the staff down there, including the foreman whom Michael calls “Mr. Rogers.” The foreman says his name his actually Darryl Philbin, but Michael’s nickname for him evolved into “Mr. Rogers.” Michael also introduces Ryan to Roy and asks Roy if he’s “still getting it regular” to which Roy nervously chuckles.

Pam is on the phone asking about her broken toaster oven she got at her engagement party. . . three years ago. Jim tells the camera Pam gets a little down especially in matters regarding her wedding, for which date had yet to be set.

Back in the warehouse, Michael says the game’s on at one, and Darryl tells him that’s the busy time in. Michael teases Darryl about how the warehouse never seems busy to him, and accuses him of chickening out. Darryl says one is okay. Michael is back in the office trying to get people pumped for the game. Everyone grumbles, but Michael quickly says they would follow him “to the ends of the earth . . . like that dwarf from Lord of the Rings.” Dwight tells Michael the dwarfs name is Gimly, and Michael teases Dwight for being a nerd.

For the starting line up, Michael picks Stanley, uttering “of course”. Michael then selects himself then Jim and Ryan. Oscar, Kevin and Phyllis all volunteer to fill the 5th position but Michael passes, reluctantly selecting Dwight. Dwight pushes his luck by asking if he can be team manager, and Michael tells him he can be “Assistant to the Team Manager.” Dwight threatens to schedule Michael for that weekend, and then Michael puts Jim in charge of the weekend schedule. In the next scene, Oscar and Kevin are shown impressively throwing garbage into wastebaskets, while Stanley tosses a crumpled piece of paper over his shoulder, missing the basket and not even caring.

Pam is in the midst of typing when a crumpled piece of paper hits her on the head. Michael asks Pam if will dress up and be the cheerleader. Pam turns him down, saying that she won’t cheer against her fiance. Jim offers to be a cheerleader, and Michael tells him “not to be too ‘gay’ on the court.” Jim makes a surprised face towards the cameras and Michael quickly tries to say he didn’t mean “gay” in a homosexual way. Phyllis offers to be the “cheerleader” and after uttering some offensive thing, Michael decides to makes her an alternate because “blessed be those who sit and wait.”

Darryl comes to the office, and Michael follows him doing a little trash talking. Darryl suggests they up the stakes and have the losing team buy dinner for the winning team. Michael wants to go further and make the loser work on Saturday (much to the employees’ dismay). Darryl declines, but Michael start clucking like a chicken and Darryl accepts. Michael goes down to the warehouse and start doing a ridiculous warm-up routine. He makes a series of slam-dunk attempts, then the camera zooms out and a warehouse worker moves the hoop up about 4 feet to the proper height.

In a talking head, Jim says he played a lot of basketball in high school and thinks he’s going to impress some co-workers (read: Pam). In the next scene Jim is lacing up his shoes, and asks Pam if she’s going to wish him luck. “Yeah, you’re gonna need it,” she replies. Jim is surprised by her “trash talk” and Pam says Roy is very competitive and wants to go to the lake on Saturday. Jim says he’s going to the outlet mall on Saturday and if Roy has to work, Pam should come with him. Pam replies by saying she’ll be at the lake, and Jim counters with “I think I’ll see you at the mall.”

The Big Game
Several staff member are in the warehouse waiting for everyone else when the door upstairs opens. Stanley started walking down the steps as Michael shouts, “Secret Weapon!” Jim and Pam are chatting when Roy walks over to them, and Jim looks away as Pam and Roy share a kiss.

Michael gives everyone their assignments. Jim offers take Roy, but Michael states that Roy is their best player, so Michael (who always overestimates himself) will take him. They’re just about to start when Dwight takes off his shirt, saying the office team will be “skins.” Michael insists he put his shirt back on. Michael calls over Pam to throw up the jump ball, and Roy tells Pam to “tip it my way or sleep in the car.”

Michael gets the ball and passes it to Stanley, who start dribbling very poorly with his left hand behind his back and up in the air. Michael is stunned that his “secret weapon” is a terrible basketball player as Roy rushes past him and makes a basket. Michael continues to do a poor job of covering Roy and make bad shots when he gets the ball, often shouting, “What is wrong with me today?” Dwight makes a basket, and instead of celebrating, Michael is upset that Dwight didn’t pass the ball to him. In a talking head, Michael claims “playing hoops” relieves his stress (as they cut to Michael making a series of bad plays).

Michael looks on as Darryl and Lonny perform a celebration dance after a basket. Soon afterwards, Ryan makes a shot, and Michael attempts to “chest bump” him and performs a celebration dance of his own. Later, Michael starts dribbling and humming the Harlem Globetrotters song (complete with him trying to do one of their moves). Roy walks up to him and steals the ball away.

Michael calls the office workers to regroup, and Jim insists he take on Roy. Jim quickly makes a basket and runs by Pam, giving her a smile and a nod. Pam smiles back and watches him run across the court. Later Roy and Jim are blocking each other when Roy incidentally elbows Jim in the face. Jim continues to be very pushy and competitive with Roy, even knocking him down to make a basket. Roy gets in his face, Jim tells him to “take it easy,” and Roy shouts back, “You take it easy!” as Pam looks on.

The office team starts catch up with the warehouse staff, and Angela informs Michael the office team is ahead. A warehouse worker accidentally hits Michael in the face, and Michael gets overly upset and announces the game is over. He says whoever was ahead is the winner, which is the office staff, so the warehouse worker are coming in Saturday. Roy and Darryl stare down Michael, and eventually Michael gets intimidated and says the office staff will come in Saturday. The office staff groans and the warehouse workers back off. As everyone walks away, Kevin grabs the ball and makes 4 Three-point shots in a row.

Back in the office, Jim is talking to Pam when Roy walks in. He teases Jim for how competitive he was during the basketball game, and Pam comment that Jim was pretty good. Roy and Pam are leaving and Jim is all smiles until he hears Pam say “Let’s get you into a tub” to Roy.

Michael walks out of his office (with tissue stuffed in his nose) and congratulates the staff on a good game. Oscar quickly asks what time they’re coming in on Saturday. Michael looks to the upset staff and says, “Screw Corporate, nobody’s coming in tomorrow.” He then utters that coming in extra days isn’t going to prevent downsizing. In his final talking head, Michael talks about how the great thing about sports is building character even if one doesn’t win. “But we did win because we were ahead,” he says.


  • David Denman (Roy) really did accidentally elbow John Krasinski in the lip, causing it to bleed. John missed a photo shoot the next day.
  • Though only a few make the final cut, Brian Baumgartner (Kevin) made 14 shots in a row filming the scene after the game.
  • Steve Carell improved the line, “Try not to be too gay on the court,” and John’s surprised face is genuine.

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