Office Mysteries: Jim’s trip to Australia

In this series, Flonkerton investigates some of the unanswered questions from “The Office.”

jimaustralia.jpgQuestion: Did Jim go to Australia?
status: solved (mostly)

In Episode 217 “Dwight’s Speech”, Jim scheduled a trip down under that (intentionally) would have made him miss Pam and Roy’s wedding. We all know what happened with Pam’s wedding, but not a word has been said about Jim’s trip all season.

The Theories and some Proof
Theory 1: He did go on his trip
supporting evidence:
1. He said himself the ticket was non-refundable, so canceling the trip would have put him out a couple thousand dollars.
2. Even after he told Pam he loved her and kissed her, she affirmatively said she was still marrying Roy, so all the more reason for Jim to be out of the country for the event.
3. He never said he didn’t go.

Theory 2: He didn’t go on his trip
supporting evidence:
1. The transfer: Jim planned the trip before he started to seriously consider transferring, and couldn’t have foreseen he would transfer only a couple weeks before his trip.
2. Jim really just wanted to avoid Pam’s wedding. His transfer solved that problem, so he didn’t really need to take the trip anymore.
3. His desk is completely devoid of any Aussie souvenirs.
4. He never said he did go.

Fairly Undeniable Proof: Office writer Paul Lieberstein (who also plays Toby) confirmed Jim didn’t go. Paul says between Pam’s rejection and transferring, he wasn’t up for his trip. However, Paul left it a bit open ended, by saying, “Unless, of course, we find a good joke in his vacation.”


One thought on “Office Mysteries: Jim’s trip to Australia

  1. Semi-related – watching Bring Your Daughter to Work Day. I think when Jim said he was going on a date that night, he was actually heading up to NY or Stamford about the transfer. I don’t know why, but watching the ESP for the 12th (???) or so time made that clock with me.

    I could be wrong….

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