FanVid Spotlight: Fake Promos/Intros

Happy Beginning of Daylight’s Savings, everyone. Make sure those clocks have jumped ahead.

I was browsing some Office fanvids, and always find it amazing how with a little clever editing one can make a funny, irreverent show like “The Office” seem like a crime drama. So I’ve gathered some of these “Fake Promos/Intros” for your viewing pleasure. This is not a comprehensive list, so if you know of more videos in this category, please post!

The Merger by andemarg
– a “military” drama-like fake promo for the “Merger” episode.
Battlestar Offica-ica by DementedRiku
– The Office Intro, Battlestar Galactica Style
Battlestar Galactica – Office Style by shadowcrawler05
– BSG credits to the theme of The Office
The Office Recut, The Office Recut Part Deux by bpjd8x
– TO as a crime mystery thriller
Office Heroes by andemarg
– mash-up of TO with the old Heroes promos
Lost in the Office by sireddieq
– a Lost/Office mash-up to commemorate JJ Abrams directing an episode of TO
Office Friends by ladama (yeah, that’s me)
– TO credits done in the style of “Friends”

p.s: When it’s just sound and no video, there’s something really creepy about the scene where Karen “kills” Jim in Call of Duty


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