Flonkerton (Re)Opening Ceremonies

Flonkerton (Re)Opening Ceremonies

I’ll be back. And I am back! For gooooooood!

After barely updating this site for . . . a number of years I’ve decided to return and continue working on my recaps and maybe post some other fun things. Why? I can’t really say, perhaps because 2015 marks the 10-year anniversary of our beloved show starting, or maybe because thanks to Netflix I can watch any episode any time, or just because I still love this dang show so much.

I will now plug along with my recaps and Pam Pong score cards that hopefully some will read and enjoy. The Office finished with about 200 or so episodes, which is a pretty daunting total so for right now my goal is to recap through Season 3. A Random Poll or an Office Mystery post may slip in once in a while, and I welcome any ideas (I know for sure I will be doing an update of what is still by far my most popular post, The Evolution of Jim’s Hair).

So, old friends and new lovers, welcome (back) to Flonkerton! Let the games commence!

Not a Bad Day – Jim and Pam


Considering how big of a Dunderhead I am, it’s a bit surprising I hadn’t made any fanart until now!

Originally posted on Ladamania!:

I was a huge “Office” nerd back in the day and some recent Netflix marathoning reminded me I’m still a big Office nerd. Also the show started 10 years ago, so I thought this would be fun as a kind of anniversary thing. So here’s Jim and Pam from ep 102 “Diversity Day”. I was kinda thinking about a “Top Season 2 Jim and Pam Moments” series, we’ll see if that pans out.


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Pam Pong Round 23: Dwight’s Speech

217pp-biggerPrevious Round, Valentine’s Day: It was a rather unromantic Valentine’s day for Pam; she watched Phyllis and other co-workers get lavished with gifts while she received nothing from Roy (or Jim). Jim missed an opportunity to “save the day” for Pam, but at the same time it will hopefully force Pam to evaluate how much her fiance Roy let her down. Final score: -4

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 217: Dwight’s Speech

Jim and Pam are in the kitchen bantering about Dwight getting the top salesman prize: +2
Phyllis comes in asking about Pam’s wedding dress, causing Jim to quickly leave: -1
Pam tells the camera she has to do wedding planning in the office: -1
Jim overhears Pam’s wedding planning and decides he needs to plan a vacation: -1
Pam gets Kelly and Ryan to help her address Save-the-Dates, within earshot of Jim: -1
Ryan seems surprised Pam is inviting Jim, but Pam tells Ryan that Jim is one of her closest friends: +2
Pam sounds annoyed when she talk about Roy’s lack of involvement in wedding planning: +2
Jim books a ticket to Australia, and Pam seems very excited for him: +1
But then he confesses he’s leaving June 8th, two days before her wedding: -4
Pam seems a little upset about the overlap, but doesn’t say anything: -1
Jim awkwardly offers to take her save-the-date to a mailbox, but Pam says she’s got it: -1
And he leaves for the day: -1

Final Score, -4: From Jim’s perspective, his actions are understandable; he was devastated on the Booze Cruise when Roy and Pam set a wedding date, actually going to the wedding would probably be unbearable for him. Booking the trip to Australia gives Jim a great “out”. However, from Pam’s perspective, she’s sad and maybe even hurt that her best friend is not coming to her wedding. If Pam challenged Jim about the timing of the trip and whether Jim is missing her wedding on purpose, maybe some feelings would have been addressed, but she doesn’t so the episode ends at a bit of an impasse.

Next Round: Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Dwight’s Speech: Episode 2.17

217dwightsspeech-bigger“Dwight’s Speech”
Season 2 Episode 17
Air Date: March 2, 2006
Writer: Paul Lieberstein
Summary: After being named Salesman of the Year, Dwight has to give a speech at a convention. Michael tries to coach the nervous Dwight, but Dwight gets his best advice from a surprising source. Back at the Office, Pam plans her wedding, and Jim plans a trip. Continue reading

Pam Pong Round 22: Valentine’s Day

216pp-biggerPrevious Round, Boys and Girls: When Pam learns about a graphic design internship, Jim is completely supportive, but Roy is not and Pam decides not to pursue it. Jim challenges Pam about her decision, but she pushes back and says she’s fine with her choices, though an emotional talking head interview suggests otherwise. Final score: -2

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 216: Valentine’s Day

Pam smiles as she talks about the funny card Jim got her for Valentine’s Day last year: +2
She says Roy and her agreed on no big fancy gift since they’re saving for the wedding: -1
But she’s still excited to see what Roy gets for her: -1
Jim mentions he broke up with Katy: +1
So he doesn’t have to worry about Valentine’s Day: -2
Pam is getting frustrated that all the Valentine’s Day deliveries are for other people (mostly Phyllis): -1
She keeps give Jim hopefully glances: +1
Jim may be referring his situation with Pam a bit when tells Kelly that Ryan is not into her, so she should just suck it up, move on, and try to have some fun: -1
Roy shows up and Pam tells him she’s a little disappointed he didn’t get her anything: +1
Roy smugly says that when they get home, Pam’s going to get “the best sex of her life”: -1
Pam is embarrassed by Roy’s comment: +1
The first Jim and Pam even talk to each other this episode is when he’s about to leave: -1
As he grabs his coat, Jim smiles broadly and wishes Pam a Happy Valentine’s Day: +1
But he smile immediately fades when his back is to her: -1
And Pam watches him, sad that Jim didn’t get her anything either: -2

Final Score, -4:  Yikes, what a remarkably unromantic Valentine’s Day for our pair! On the one hand, Jim missed a prime opportunity. He could have given Pam anything and she would have loved it, it could have even led to a more-than-friendly moment. On the other hand, Jim not “saving the day” for Pam means Pam can’t ignore that Roy, the man she’s suppose to marry in just a few months, completely failed to make her feel special or loved. Although this round of Pam Pong ends with a negative score, if it helps Pam recognize the real problems in her relationship with Roy, it may be good in the long run.

Next Round: Dwight’s Speech

Valentine’s Day: Episode 2.16

216vday-bigger“Valentine’s Day”
Season 2 Episode 16
Air Date: February 9, 2006
Writer: Michael Schur
Michael joins other regional managers in New York City to meet the new CFO. Back in Scranton, some employees are lavished with Valentine’s Day gifts, while others feel left out. Continue reading

Pam Pong Round 21: Boys and Girls

215pp-biggerPrevious Round, The Carpet: Between Jim being stuck in the back room and Roy hanging out in the office all day, there was hardly any interaction between Pam and Jim. The day (and the episode) was a wash until Jim found Pam had left him several messages, expressing she was bored and missed him being at his desk, final score: +4

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 215: Boys and Girls

Pam gives Jim an eye roll about the “women in the workplace” meeting: +1
Kevin warns Jim that Roy might try to beat him up because of his crush on Pam: -1
Pam ponders who she has the most in common with in the office, and is likely thinking Jim: +1
Jim is nervous as Roy approaches him in the warehouse: -1
Roy says he’s cool with Jim’s “old” crush on Pam: -1
And Roy is happy Pam has a friend at work to talk to, then Pam’s not so chatty at home: +1
Jim makes a subtle jab when he tells Roy he likes talking to Pam too: +1
When asked her dreams are, Pam says “a husband that I love, Roy”: -1
During the “guy’s gripe” session, Roy says he hates when girls insist on going out all the time (And Jim shakes his head): +1
Pam excuses herself from the women’s seminar to talk to Jim: +1
They joke about how the warehouse bonding and women’s session are going: +1
When Pam tells Jim about the design training program at corporate, Jim encourages her to do it: +3
But Roy shoots the idea down and Pam doesn’t stand up to him: -3
Jim can tell just by Pam’s body language she’s not going to do the program: -1
Jim challenges Pam on why she won’t do the program, and if she just wants to be a receptionist: +2
But Pam gets defensive and says she’s fine with her choices: -3
Pam talks about her dream of having a terrace (a metaphor for her art ambitions) and says it’s impractical and she’ll never have a house like that (then starts to cry): -2
Jim gets a slightly disappointed look on his face when he hears “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam”: -1

Final Score, -2:  In “Booze Cruise”, Jim famously said if the Dunder Mifflin “ship” was sinking, he would save the receptionist. But in this episode it’s clear that, while Jim can push Pam to “take a chance on something” all he wants, ultimately Pam has to be the one to decide if her dreams are worth fighting for and if she will continue to be with a man who supports her so little. It’s frustrating and heartbreaking for Jim (and us) to watch, but the receptionist has to save herself.

Next Round: Valentine’s Day

Boys and Girls: Episode 2.15

215boysgirls-bigger“Boys and Girls”
Season 2 Episode 15
Air Date: February 2, 2006
Writer: BJ Novak
Not wanting to feel left out of Jan’s “Women in the Workplace” seminar, Michael leads his own “Men in the Workplace” meeting in the warehouse. Pam’s unsure what to do when a great opportunity for her arises. Continue reading