“So Which One Is Jim?” – Jim & Pam


Today marks 10 years since the original airing of 202 “Sexual Harassment” and this great Jim and Pam moment. Watching this scene still makes me smile!

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My Jim and Pam series continues! This is from Season 2 Episode 2, and is one of my all-time favorite PB&J moments. Derwent Drawing Pencil (with a little Faber-Castell Polychromos mixed in) on Strathmore Toned Tan paper. I even blurred it to look like the scene!whichoneisjim-cinema1whichoneisjim-cinema2

Here’s the regular version.


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Best Dundies Ever (no background version)


So today is the 10th anniversary of the airing of “The Dundies” (which of course was the start of the quintessential 2nd season of The Office) and I’m doing a series of S2 Jim and Pam moments. I’m still debating if I’m gonna do one from each episode or just like a top 10, but of course I love this moment of Drunk Pam being flirty and giggly with Jim (before falling off a stool and getting banned from Chili’s for life!)

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I like the background I added alright, but I also kind of like the look of the plain background so thought I’d share this too.

Best Dundies Ever No BG

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Pam Pong Round 24: Take Your Daughter To Work Day

218pp-biggerPrevious Round, Dwight’s Speech: Jim is uncomfortable with Pam doing her wedding planning in the office and books a flight to Australia on June 8th, two days before Pam’s wedding. It’s clearly an excuse for Jim to avoid the wedding, but Pam doesn’t challenge him about the date, though she is obviously saddened by the fact he won’t be attending. Final score: -4.

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 218: Take Your Daughter To Work Day

Jim and Pam playfully banter about Pam bringing extra candy to bribe the visiting kids: +1
They are both standing and leaning towards each other at the reception desk: +1
Pam is impressed (and envious) with Jim’s ability to immediately win over Kevin’s fiancee’s daughter Abby: +2
Roy is upstairs and Pam mostly hangs next to him during Michael’s video: -2
Pam and Jim hang out together by Michael’s office door: +1
Pam laughs at Jim’s comments about Young Michael’s clothes: +1
Roy calls to Pam to watch him roughhouse with Meredith’s son: -2
Pam is not impressed with Roy and glances at Jim: +1
Pam’s interest is piqued when she overhears that Jim has a date: +1
Jim and Pam joke about Michael’s musical skills: +1
With Pam turned away from him, Jim leaves for his date: -2
Pam, still thinking Jim is there, starts to talk: -1
And she gets a pensive look after waving goodbye to Jim: +1

Final Score, +3: An interesting episode where there isn’t obvious progress, but there are several positives to draw from. Pam takes on a kind of observing role this episode, watching how Jim and Roy relate to kids. Like with adults, Jim wins kids over with his humor and easy-going demeanor, while Roy is more about teasing and rough-housing. We also once again see Pam get jealous at Jim having a date, and although it’s at a more subconscious level, Pam’s jealousy always makes her very well-suppressed feelings for Jim a bit more apparent.

Next Round: Michael’s Birthday

Take Your Daughter to Work Day: Episode 2.18

218TYDTWD-bigger“Take Your Daughter to Work Day”
Season 2 Episode 18
Air Date: March 16, 2006
Writer: Mindy Kaling
Summary: The tension is higher than usual at Dunder Mifflin with kids running around the office. Pam works on getting past her awkwardness with children, and Michael befriends the daughter of his rival, Toby. Continue reading

Not a Bad Day – Jim and Pam


Considering how big of a Dunderhead I am, it’s a bit surprising I hadn’t made any fanart until now!

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I was a huge “Office” nerd back in the day and some recent Netflix marathoning reminded me I’m still a big Office nerd. Also the show started 10 years ago, so I thought this would be fun as a kind of anniversary thing. So here’s Jim and Pam from ep 102 “Diversity Day”. I was kinda thinking about a “Top Season 2 Jim and Pam Moments” series, we’ll see if that pans out.


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Pam Pong Round 23: Dwight’s Speech

217pp-biggerPrevious Round, Valentine’s Day: It was a rather unromantic Valentine’s day for Pam; she watched Phyllis and other co-workers get lavished with gifts while she received nothing from Roy (or Jim). Jim missed an opportunity to “save the day” for Pam, but at the same time it will hopefully force Pam to evaluate how much her fiance Roy let her down. Final score: -4

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 217: Dwight’s Speech

Jim and Pam are in the kitchen bantering about Dwight getting the top salesman prize: +2
Phyllis comes in asking about Pam’s wedding dress, causing Jim to quickly leave: -1
Pam tells the camera she has to do wedding planning in the office: -1
Jim overhears Pam’s wedding planning and decides he needs to plan a vacation: -1
Pam gets Kelly and Ryan to help her address Save-the-Dates, within earshot of Jim: -1
Ryan seems surprised Pam is inviting Jim, but Pam tells Ryan that Jim is one of her closest friends: +2
Pam sounds annoyed when she talk about Roy’s lack of involvement in wedding planning: +2
Jim books a ticket to Australia, and Pam seems very excited for him: +1
But then he confesses he’s leaving June 8th, two days before her wedding: -4
Pam seems a little upset about the overlap, but doesn’t say anything: -1
Jim awkwardly offers to take her save-the-date to a mailbox, but Pam says she’s got it: -1
And he leaves for the day: -1

Final Score, -4: From Jim’s perspective, his actions are understandable; he was devastated on the Booze Cruise when Roy and Pam set a wedding date, actually going to the wedding would probably be unbearable for him. Booking the trip to Australia gives Jim a great “out”. However, from Pam’s perspective, she’s sad and maybe even hurt that her best friend is not coming to her wedding. If Pam challenged Jim about the timing of the trip and whether Jim is missing her wedding on purpose, maybe some feelings would have been addressed, but she doesn’t so the episode ends at a bit of an impasse.

Next Round: Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Dwight’s Speech: Episode 2.17

217dwightsspeech-bigger“Dwight’s Speech”
Season 2 Episode 17
Air Date: March 2, 2006
Writer: Paul Lieberstein
Summary: After being named Salesman of the Year, Dwight has to give a speech at a convention. Michael tries to coach the nervous Dwight, but Dwight gets his best advice from a surprising source. Back at the Office, Pam plans her wedding, and Jim plans a trip. Continue reading