Pam Pong Round 16: Christmas Party

210ppPrevious Round, Email Surveillance: Though Pam still gets incredible uncomfortable when anyone suggests she and Jim are anything but friends, they have a pretty good time together at Jim’s party. Final Score +7

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 210: Christmas Party

Jim has finally drawn Pam for Secret Santa: +1
He gets her a teapot and fills it with little inside joke items like his yearbook photo and a pack of hot sauce Pam mistook for ketchup: +1
Also a card because “Christmas is the time to tell people how you feel”: +1
Judging by Jim’s nervous expression, he really has written how he feels in the card: +2
Pam is very excited about her teapot: +1
But is interrupted before she can look at the bonus gifts: -2
The teapot gets passed around after Michael introduces “Yankee Swap” and Jim is obviously upset: -2
Jim tries to convince Pam to take the teapot back during Yankee Swap: +1
But Pam goes for the iPod: -2
Jim tries to trade Dwight for the teapot but to no avail: -1
Roy is excited about the iPod because it means he doesn’t have to get Pam a big gift: +1
Pam is pensive as she watches Dwight with the teapot: +1
Jim stops by reception and Pam reveals she’s traded with Dwight to get the teapot back: +5
They have a good laugh over the little bonus gifts inside: +2
Pam is all smiles during her talking head, saying she made the right gift choice: +2
Jim takes the Christmas card back while Pam is distracted: -2
Still, as they leave the office, the camera catches Jim with a smile on his face: +1

Final Score, +10: Pam trading the iPod to get Jim’s teapot back was a pretty amazing gesture and shows that she does care very much for Jim and their friendship. It’s a little hard to say why Jim took the card back before Pam could read it, was it because he lost his nerve or was it because he decided it wasn’t the right time for it? Eitherway it turned out to be a nice Christmas for them both.

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Christmas Party: Episode 2.10

210christmasl“Christmas Party”
Season 2 Episode 10
Air Date: December 6, 2005
Writer: Michael Schur
In the middle of yet another underwhelming office Christmas party and gift exchange, Michael spices thing up with “Yankee Swap,” vodka, and a way too expensive gift. Jim is discouraged when Pam tries to “trade up” his sentimental gift. Continue reading

Pam Pong Round 15: Email Surveillance

209ppPrevious Round, Performance Review: Jim and Pam once again show off their teamwork skills by successfully convincing Dwight it was the wrong day. However, it’s increasingly clear that things are fine between Jim and Pam as long as they’re superficial. Still, it was overall a positive episode and a final score of +5

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 209: Email Surveillance

Pam calls Jim over to her desk to tell him she thinks something’s happening with Angela between Dwight: +1
They joke about trying to get Dwight to “hide and wait” somewhere at Jim’s party: +1
Pam plans on attending Jim’s barbecue without Roy: +2
Jim brightly greets Pam when she arrives to the party: +1And she “definitely” wants to go on the house tour: +1
Pam overhears Ryan ask about Katy, and Jim say he hasn’t talked to her recently: +1
Jim catches Pam alone in his room, checking out his “home office”: +2
Then Pam finds Jim’s yearbook and calls his class photo “dorky”: -1
But she’s giggling as she says this: +2
And Jim gives her a rather loving glance as she checks out the yearbook: +2
When Pam asks Phyllis if she’s heard about any secret office romances, she’s alarmed to learn Phyllis thinks she and Jim are more than friends: -4
Pam immediate drops her Dwight and Angela investigation: -1
As she’s sounds a bit anxious as she tells the camera people can just be friends and it was unfair to assume an office romance was going on: -3
But Jim and Pam sit next to each for the rest of the party: +1
And she laughs and smiles brightly at Jim when he sings with Michael: +2

Final Score, +7: We finally get to see Jim and Pam hang out in a non-work setting, and with no fiance or boss (at least for a little while) they are very comfortable around each other and share an incredibly cute moment over Jim’s yearbook. But when Phyllis suggests there’s something romantic going on with the pair, we see Pam get very adamant that she and Jim are just friends. She’s still stays close to Jim during the party, and that smile she give him as his sings karaoke is about as affectionate a smile as we’ve seen on Pam.

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E-mail Surveillance: Episode 2.09

209email“E-mail Surveillance”
Season 2 Episode 9
Air Date: November 22, 2005
Writter: Jennifer Celotta
After Michael sets up e-mail surveillance in the office, he discovers Jim is having a party, and he was not invited. The camera crew catches wind of an office romance (and it’s not Jim and Pam). Continue reading

Pam Pong Round 14: Performance Review

208ppPrevious Round, The Client: Stuck at work until late, Jim and Pam have a very nice evening together involving a show (in the form of reading Michael’s screenplay), a rooftop dinner, and dancing, er, swaying to music. But the next day Pam dismisses Jim’s notion that it was a date, and when the dejected Jim makes a snide remark about Pam and Roy, Pam walks off insulted, resulting in a  final score of -1.

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 208: Performance Review

Pam comes to Jim with news that Michael and Jan definitely made-out: +0.5
Jim enlists Pam to help him keep Dwight thinking it’s Friday (not Thursday): +1
Pam is excited about the prank and Jim can’t help but smile: +1
Pam comes over to Jim’s desk and they discuss the results of The Apprentice (a Thursday night show) so Dwight overhears: +1
In the break room, Pam wonders if Michael and Jan did more than make out: +0.5
Jim is a bit repulsed by that visual: -1
Pam asks “how do you come back from that”, and Jim says you don’t, especially working together, a possible subconscious reference to his own feelings for Pam: -2
Pam makes the mood light again by adding that the she meant how does one recover from making out with Michael: +1
They exchange looks as they eavesdrop on Michael and Jan: +1
The next day, they bow to each other when their efforts to keep Dwight thinking it was the wrong day were successful:  +2

Final Score, +5: Jim and Pam’s excellent teamwork is on display again and it’s nice to have an episode where their interactions start off good and pretty much stay that way the whole time, especially after the ups-and-downs of the last few episodes. There is, however, a pattern with Jim and Pam in that things are great as long as they’re superficial; whenever their interactions get too flirty or personal, it tends to fall apart.

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Pam Pong Round 13: The Client

207 client pam pongPrevious Round, The Fight: Jim and Pam’s play-fight was very flirty, but when Pam notices a coworker watching, she’s extremely self conscious and avoids Jim for the rest of the day. Jim’s peace offering of bag a chips helped the episode end on a positive note, but just barely, final score +1.

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 207: The Client

Pam talk about her worst first date, where her date forgot about her at a hockey game: +1
Then Pam sheepishly reveals the date was Roy, and Jim is secretly pleased to learn this: +1
Pam goes to Jim immediately after finding Michael’s movie screenplay, to which Jim says “Oh Pam, good work!”: +2
Roy stops by as they read the screenplay: -2
And Pam tells Roy she has to stay late so he heads home: +3
Jim tells the camera he had to cancel plans to stay late: -2
But he’s cool with hanging out at work because he’s “not a complainer”: +2
And he makes Pam his famous grilled cheese sandwich: +1
Which they share alone on the roof: +2
Pam says she can’t remember the last time someone made her dinner: +1
As they head out, Pam and Jim share earbuds and listen to a song: +2
The next day, Jim is at Pam’s desk, laughing as they gossip about Michael and Jan: +1
Jim suggests that last night was kind of his and Pam’s first date because there was dinner, a show, and dancing: +1
Pam is skeptical, saying “Swaying isn’t dancing”: -3
Jim responded that at least he didn’t leave her at a hockey game, bringing up Pam’s terrible first date with Roy: -3
Pam takes offense, and walks away before Jim can apologize or anything: -5
Jim tells the camera he was joking, clearly crestfallen as he says it’s not really a date when the girl has a fiance: -3

Final Score, -1: Dinner, firework, music, dancing swaying; this is easily Jim and Pam’s most positive episode so far . . . until the last scene. Jim is pushing the boundaries of his and Pam’s friendship by suggesting they had a romantic “date”, but the engaged Pam clearly wants to establish that wasn’t what it was. When Pam takes offense to Jim’s jab at her and Roy’s first date and walks off, there’s just no time left in the episode for Jim to recover.

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